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    Yin CAO

    Cao is famous for his long term visionary thinking. He is the first DeFi angel investor in China since 2017 and the first Cryptoart collector in China since 2019. He provides founders with his strategical and practical advises. Cao has written several very popular books, known as the preacher of open web in Chinese world.

    Ping SONG

    Song Ping, The first e-resident from China, founded Digital Renaissance Foundation in 2015. As an economist by training and consultant by profession, Song works actively in the Estonian e-residency ecosystem and Finnish AI and Blockchain space.

    Mikk Maal

    Mikk is the CEO of Comistar, a company providing legal and financial services for blockchain businesses in 4 countries. Co-author of a bestselling e-book ``Navigating Through Cryptocurrencies” (was number one in three categories on Amazon.com Kindle store).

    Kaikai YANG

    Yang is the CEO of Dipole Tech and a serial entrepreneur in energy/blockchain sector. She has helped the company achieve the 2020 UNEP Low-carbon Lifestyles Challenge, 2019 Thailand ERC Energy Innovation Sandbox, etc.

    YANG is also an angel investor.